About Chal Banjare

About Chal Banjare...

We are not just a tour operator we are explorers by heart, our recommendations come from our own experience, we experience the services firsthand so our client get the best value for their money without having to compromise on their travel experience, we believe in making creating memories for our client every mile they cover shall be a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

ChalBanjare Travel Limited (Formerly ChalBanjare Travel Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading travel and tourism company active across various travel segments including Leisure, Incentive and Business Travel.

ChalBanjare was established in 2010. Since then, it has escorted lakhs of travelers across India, We have marked our presence in various travel segments that involve, Escorted Group Tours, Customized Holidays, Holidays of India and Incentive Travel amongst others.

We bring you the most uncharted territories to explore without having to worry about stay and transportation, we do all the hard work for you so you could enjoy the most sensuous scenic beauties of northern India.

Some key highlights of destinations like no other.

Kashmir (Heaven on earth, a living paradise)

Ladakh (feel the simplicity of the locals and take away the universal peace from the Lamas)

Lahaul- Spiti and kaza home to the most dangerous roads in the world  (come sit under the stars and explore the milky way with a cup of coffee, you will literally hear the stars singing the nursery rhymes for you)

We welcome you to explore the unexplored with us, something that you have always been planning for, something which will not only fulfil the craving of the wonderer within you but will fulfil your soul like never before.

Chal Banjare Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission statement

Provide a unique travel experience for everybody in a sustainable, honest and transparent way.

Our vision statement

It is our vision that in 2020 we want to be a leading example of a tour operator demonstrating sustainable tourism in Cusco. We want to grow by offering more and a wider range of unique tours, develop from travel agency to tour operator and expand our visibility on the web.

Our values

Whether you come into contact with us as a customer or as a supplier, what can you expect from us in terms of attitude and behavior? What characterizes Chal Banjare? The following core values apply to Chal Banjare:


Chal Banjare works with honest employees, with honest, fair and competitive market prices. We strive to demonstrate honest behaviour towards our environment (clients, suppliers and other parties who we conduct business with).


Chal Banjare strive to be clear in our products, services and processes. Be transparent to our direct environment.


Clients come in the first place, Chal Banjare strive for an optimal service level in order to get the clients best value for his tour. To achieve this we look for the best people and operators involved in our business and we design our services and products in the best way.


Chal Banjare like to give tailor made advice as every person is different with different wishes. It means personal commitment, aimed on establishing a temporarily, personal bond which enables us to really help you to get the best value for your tour.  It also means a friendly service with a smile, with some humor.

Sustainable tourism

Chal Banjare conducts business in a sustainable way. We also take into account the interest of the local people, preserve the cultural heritage, we take care of our environment and focusing economically on long term results and fair economic fair practices.


We take our business very serious. It means our behavior is correct, objective, balanced, efficient and reliable. We are down to earth in the way we conduct business.